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The Marine Park in Malta invites animal lovers to experience an innovative way of learning more about animals, this is a unique opportunity for both children and adults to admire, learn, enjoy and interact with dolphins, sea lions, parrots, iguanas and more. See, hear and touch animals under the guidance of professional animal carers, learn how dolphins and sea lions are trained and how the same methods can be applied to your pets at home. Situated alongside the sea, at “White Rocks” in Bahar ic-Caghaq, the Malta Marine Park succeeds in combining entertainment with education, offering guests an insight into the underwater world of dolphins & sea lions, the dexterity of tropical birds, and the laid back but alert coati, turtles, frogs, snakes, iguanas and other reptiles.

Book Your Entrance Tickets Online @ only EUR 13 for Kids and EUR 18 for Adults.

Swim With Dolphins, Interact With Sea Lions & Enjoy Other Activities

Whilst the bottlenose dolphins are undoubtedly the stars at the Marine Park and are a definite delight to visitors with their acrobatic skills, their obvious intelligence and their sense of fun, the two South American Sea Lions are also a big hit with park guests, thanks to their pride in demonstrating their strength, agility, humour and awareness.

This is all blended in with an informative commentary by the animal carers. Ask questions about the animals, their diet, or the chemical -free environment that they live in—animal carers at the Marine Park will do their best to answer all your questions after the presentations.

Remember, the Marine Park is far more than just entertainment, it is an experience designed to help people of all ages to learn and get closer to all these amazing animals. Activities which are available to guests of the Park are Daily Presentations, Dolphin, Sea Lion, Coati & Parrot Interactive Programmes, Spectator Tickets and more.

Please note that a swim, Spectator or Interactive Programme ticket entitles the ticket holder to free entrance to all the daily presentations.

For more information select Swim With Dolphins, Presentations or Interactive Programmes or visit our Help Centre to read the most commonly asked questions.


It was an amazing experience.
Thank you.
M Benedetti

I had a wonderful experience in September when I had the chance to swim with the dolphins.

A Agbemasug

My husband and I swam with dolphins while on holiday in May this year and had a fantastic time.

P Betts

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

P Coelho

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Closes at 17:00

08.04.24 - 30.04.24

Wednesday - Sunday

Opens at 09:30
Closes at 17:00

01.05.24 - 30.09.24

Monday - Sunday

Opens at 09:30
Closes at 17:00

01.10.24 - 31.12.24

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